TaiChi in India


Shifu Kanishka Started his Tai Chi Training under Guidance of Shifu Sitta Wang in Chen 56 Style Tai chi in the year 2003 and later started his study in Yang Style 24 Tai chi and made Yang Style his Speciality.

In the year 2006 shifu kanishka became discipleship of shifu quan jun liu who is disciple of legendary Grand master Chen xiao wang. Under his guidance shifu kanishka mastered Highest level of Qi gong called Da Bei Qi gong and deeper study of Tai chi chen style.

Yang-style Tai Chi is the most popular form in the world, with millions of practitioners. Since the Yang family popularized Tai Chi during the 1800s, the form has been passed down from teacher to student in an oral tradition, resulting in a wide variety in the way the form is practiced. No matter which version of the form you practice, the essential principles and structure within the movements are basically the same

Tai Chi Chuan, which is sometimes transliterated from Chinese as "Taijiquan", means "Grand Ultimate Fist". It was originally developed as an internal martial art, which emphasizes softness and roundness over using brute force. Whether you just want to learn Tai Chi for your health, or you intend to follow the traditional progression of the learning the sequence, pushing hands, sparring, and eventually weapons, it is important that you develop a sense of enemy in your practice

The health benefits of Tai Chi are plentiful and the practice of Tai Chi will continually strengthen your body as you practice over many years.  Most of the medical studies that look into Tai Chi take groups of people who have never practiced before and then follow them over a relatively short period of time to look for positive changes.

Tai Chi is generally practiced as a series of slow movements which calm the mind, slow the breathing, and eliminate muscular tension in the body – which increases the circulation of blood and energy.  The negative effects of stress and tension on your health are well understood and are at the root of many common health problems including high blood pressure, diabetes, pain, depression, etc.  Tai Chi has strong medical benefits for the majority of the most common conditions in our society.

( Shifu Kanishka) ( Shifu Quan jun Liu)
( Shifu Sitta wang)