Rumen Kung Fu- Opening the Gates of Shaolin Kung Fu (Beginners)

Duration – 3 Months

Entry level class for new students. This class builds the high levels of all-round fitness for which Shaolin kung Fu is famous. Stamina, flexibility, coordination and Shaolin Basic Skills are all developed and regardless of your current condition you will quickly achieve never before experienced levels of fitness. The starting-point for all students wishing to go on to study Shaolin kung Fu.

Cu Zi Kung Fu- Foundation Course


Foundation builds on the fitness developed at Preparation level and introduces basic Shaolin Sanshou skills, Shaolin Jiben Gong ( basic Combat Movements), Lian Huan Chuan form and body conditioning. Students passing the Kung Fu Foundation Exam may advance to the Zhong Zi Kungfu Stage of Training.

Zhong Zi- Intermediate level Kungfu


For students passing the Intermediate Exam. Students learn traditional Shaolin techniques and their applications and practice of Cu Zi level. At This level Students go on and learn Shaolin Xiao Hong Boxing which is considered to be mother of all Shaolin Kungfu forms. Students are also initiated into Sanshou (Chinese boxing) level 2 which means they do a lot of Shadow boxing and and bag work. At this level students are introduced to Traditional Shaolin kungfu Joint Locking System called Shaolin Qin-Na( Grab and Control) and Shaolin Ba Duan Jin Qi gong.The students are also introduced to Shaolin Stick Form called Yin Shou Gun.

Gao ji- High Level Kungfu


After the student passes Zhong zi level the students have to go through a very tough training . Gao ji level kungfu takes minimum of 1 year time. At this level students are introduced to Traditional Shaolin kungfu Forms Like Luohan Shr ba shou, Tong bei Chuan and Luohan Chuan. At this level Students are taught Shaolin Weapon such as Shaolin Dan Dao( broadsword) and Shaolin 9 section whip chain. Students are taken to advance level of Shaolin Sanshou( Free combat system) in which they have to master Shaolin wrestling and takedowns and dynamic pad feeding. They are put into live sparring to boost the confidence in fighting. There level of Shaolin Qinna is also increased in this level and they are taught more lethal techniques of joint control.

Lao Shi Da- Instructor level Kungfu


This class is a unique opportunity to study the traditional body conditioning ,techniques developed over the past 1500 years at the Shaolin Temple in China. This training is a challenge to students’ willpower but the rewards of perseverance are greatly improved physical condition and Gong Fu skill. After a general introduction Master Kanishka Sharma will personally choose one style for each student and teach him or her how to translate it into practical Gong Fu fighting techniques. “To gain the benefits of this class you will need willpower and perseverance. Only those with the strongest character will succeed. At instructor level the students must master Shaolin Forms, Weapons, Sanshou and Qi gong. The Students are taught to conduct classes for other students .