At the age of six, Kanishka Sharma happened to watch the movie, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin. He did not know then that this would be the first source of inspiration for what is today, his life’s passion. Shifu Kanishka, as he is known today, is the first Indian to have trained at the famed Shaolin Temple Secular Discipline Union in China. He is the first Indian to have brought the deadly combat system of Pekiti Tirsia Kali to India and also the first Indian to introduce Kali Tactical Combat System to the Law Enforcement, Military and Special Forces.

Having a background in Martial Arts for more than 25 yrs, in combat systems like Shaolin Wu gong, Kungfu Toa, Muay Chaiya, Muay Thai , Sanshou and Shifu Kanishka Jeet Kune Do Kali, Shifu Kanishka Sharma is highly specialized in Commando Close Quarter Combat which teaches a practitioner to knock out opponent in 3 seconds. He is specialized in Extreme Close-Quarter knife tactics, Weapon Retention and Disengagement tactics, Bayonet tactics and Safety Baton Tactics and Strategy for Law Enforcement Units.

Shifu Kanishka Sharma’s remarkable journey began when he decided to give up his corporate job in favour of martial arts which was his passion and what his heart yearned for.

Since his training at the Shaolin Temple that began in 2001, he has travelled across the world promoting the cause of the Shaolin Culture of Chan, Wu and Yi (Chan Buddhism, Martial Arts and Shaolin medicine).

Bollywood Fight Choreography

Drawing inspiration has not been the only form of association he has had with movies. Shifu Kanishka has trained actors such as Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Arjun Rampal, and Boman Irani for Movie Don with kick-ass Shaolin Kung fu action.

The Close Quarter Combat Scenes in the Movie Game performed by Abhishek Bachchan were tailor-made by Master Kanishka Sharma to fit the high-energy action of the film and he also trained Junior Bachchan in the art of Kali.

Other Actors who have worked with him are Siddharth, Zayed Khan, Mithun Chakraboty, John Abraham.

Shifu Kanishka Sharma also made his debut in the movie Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal in 2006.

Shifu Kanishka COMBATIVES (SKC)

Kanishka Sharma Ultimate JKD

Special Forces and Law Enforcement Units Gets Trained

Post the 26/11 attack and on seeing the lack of practical Combat skills of the army, lead Master Kanishka Sharma to the Philippines to learn Pekiti Tirsia Kali (a Filipino martial art and in-fighting combat system against multiple opponents based on the use of the blade) where his skills were recognised and he was awarded the position of Agalon 1st Hagdan which takes an average person over a decade to achieve. Being the first Indian to have trained in the deadly art form of Pekiti Tirsia Kali he bought it back to India and convinced the Indian Special forces to adopt it

This art is used Internationally  by S.W.A.T, Various U.S. Army Special Force Units, British SAS and SBS, German GSG9 , German SEK Commandos, Austrian Cobra commandoes, French R.A.I.D, etc. In India Master Kanishka has introduced it to the Indian Special Forces Training School, Nahan; National Security Guards (NSG) Manesar; Indian Air force Garud S.F; Para Special force, Agra Brigade; Delhi Police S.W.A.T; Chhattisgarh Police - DSP cadre and STF Para Military Forces like 6 Assam Riffles, Special Forces like 21 Para S.F. Unit, 1 Para S.F. Unit Noida Police, U.P, 24 Secure pvt Ltd Reliance Industry Security Group.

Martial art for all

Shifu Kanishka Sharma today trains not only actors and the armed forces but he also has training modules for Women, Corporates and Students.

Kanishka Sharma’s Women Empowerment program

Kanishka Sharma’s Women Empowerment program is a self defense module Shifu Kanishka Sharma has designed especially for women of all ages. All techniques are designed to be applicable from one Improvised Weapon (Ball Pen, Credit Cards, Mobile Phone) to another and same techniques are applicable when Empty handed

No age bar, No special requirements like excess flexibility, strength etc.

Kanishka Sharma’s Qi Gong for Perfect corporate Health-

Specifically for corporate, combines the powerful movements derived from Yi Jin jing(muscle tendon changing) Qi gong , Xi sui jing (Bone marrow washing Qigong), Da Bei Qi gong and Taoist Qi gong

 This has been done specifically to treat ailments common to corporate who would have to work all day sitting in front of the computer. Like  cervical & Spondylitis, high Blood pressure, Migraine,anxiety and short term memory lapse and it is an excellent internal exercise and a well regulated system. Qi gong enhances mental acuity, focus and concentration. The Qi Draws the focus and trains the mind, Qi gong helps one to calm down relax and become  more peace full.

Kanishka Sharma’s Self Defense – Exercons

The Executive Risk Control Strategy has street survival techniques, using weapons of opportunity such as hand bags, laptops, mobile phones credit cards, car keys etc to escape from a confrontation. Kansihka Sharma’s Street survival system is Easy, Effective and Economical.

Kanishka Sharma trains children

Children learn Shaolin Basic Skills similar to those taught in adult Kung Fu Preparation classes as well as developing their stamina, flexibility and coordination. As a result their general self-confidence grows and they may go on to study Kung Fu at a higher level when they pass the Preparation Exam.